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REGISTRATION CLOSED - See you next Spring!

Lindstrom (next to Morse School) and Magazine Beach Fields

Tryouts/Level Assessment
There will be no large tryout due to Covid 19 for Minors/Majors players.  New players will be assigned to a team practice where they will be evaluated by a coach.  We will assign new players to teams as they are evaluated.  Central will continue to be flexible and work with parents to find the best level and situation for each player. 

We’re asking every player at every level to bring their own glove, helmet and bat to each session.  We understand that purchasing equipment for growing kids can be expensive.  The league has a limited number of brand new basic helmets that we are selling at a reduced fee ($10).  The league also has a limited number of league bats and helmets that we are tagging and sanitizing which will be available to loan out for the entire season.  Please respond to this email if you are interested in either of those options.  Also, please don’t worry if you don’t have a helmet or bat for your first session, there will be plenty of drills to be done other than hitting.   If you are interested in purchasing/borrowing, or have questions about equipment please fill out our Equipment Survey

Majors/Minors Information

Preseason Practice Schedule April 10-May 1
We're asking coaches to follow the weekly game schedule meaning majors will practice either Tuesday or Friday while minors teams will practice on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  In addition to the weekday practice, each team has the option to hold additional practices on Saturdays and/or Sundays.  Actual practice times will be set by the coaches
Game Rule Modifications

  • Umpires will be positioned at least 6 feet behind the pitcher.
  • We will use a double base at 1st base for extra distancing and to avoid collisions
  • Tagging is allowed, but we will play “ball beats runner”
  • We will have 2 sets of catchers gear per team and not switch gear during the game.
  • *Minors Only* - option to not play with a catcher and using a pitching target with net instead

Game Schedule May 1-June 13

  • Majors:  (10-12 year olds)  
    • Games: Tuesday & Friday (6:00 PM) plus some weekends 
    • Practices: Set by team coach, usually on the weekend
  • Minors:  (8-10 year olds) 
    • Games: Monday & Thursday (5:30 PM)  plus some weekends
    • Practices: Set by team coach, usually on the weekend

Farm Information
Farm will be run a bit differently this spring.  Here are the general session guidelines. Things may change as we find out what works best, but the general plan will be the following.

Farm Schedule  April 24-June 12

  • Farm B: (6-8 year olds) 
    • Saturday (2:00 - 3:30 PM) 
    • Possible additional weekday practice (most likely Wednesday Afternoon)
  • Farm A:  (5-6 year olds) (In K or 1st grade)  
    • Saturday only (12:00 -1:30 PM)

Farm Requirements

  • Each player will need to bring their own helmet, glove and bat
  • Parent/Guardian participation is required for Farm A (5-6 year olds)
  • Parent/Guardian attendance is required for Farm B (7-8 year olds)

Example Farm Session

  •  Field will be split into 3 sections
    • Infield - simulated game
    • Right Field - batting/tee work with nets
    • Left Field - throwing/catching and fielding
  • Groups will rotate through each station


Farm FAQ

1.   Will my child need his/her own helmet, bat and glove?

Eventually, our goal is to have each player have their own helmet, bat and glove.  We have a good number of league bats and helmets that can be loaned out for the entire season.   We also have $10 basic helmets available for purchase through the league.  If interested, please fill out the Equipment Survey.

2.  Should my player be in Farm A or Farm B?

Farm A(5-6 years old) and Farm B (6-8 years old) sessions are run almost identically.   The age ranges are suggestions and a lot will depend on your player's experience level.   After getting the feel for the sessions, please see a coach if you'd like to switch levels for your player.  Please note, Farm B is close to capacity there is a possibility we won't be able to grant all requests.

3.  What should I bring to the our first session?

  • 1 parent/guardian - we are limited in capacity (especially for Farm B) for the field so we are asking that only 1 parent stay at the practice.   Parent/guardian can bring a baseball glove if desired.  We use soft baseballs so a glove is not necessary for adults.
  • Glove, helmet and bat if you have them.  If you don't have everything, we will figure it out! 
  • Water and/or snacks!  (No food/drink sharing unless within the same household) 
  • Masks for you and your player: they are required to be worn at all times other than eating/drinking.  

4.  What do I do when I arrive at the field?

Please look for the parent volunteer with the clipboard who will be checking everyone in.  We will have cones set up for people to stand in line.  If you have belongings, we'll be asking everyone to place/hang them at one of the fence posts around the field.  

5.  What do I do at the end of practice?

Following city guidelines, there is a 30 minute buffer between practices.  We are asking families are to leave the field within 10 minutes from the end of practice to allow room for the next groups coming in.  The city is also asking that families not gather after practices at the playgrounds. 

6. Is there an app that can help us?

Yes! Central uses the sports engine app. After installing, search for "central baseball farm" and add your team Farm A or Farm B. If practices get cancelled due to weather this will be the easiest way to notify you. If you are able to RSVP for the sessions, it will help the coaches better prepare the session for the numbers expected.



​​​​​​​Please Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be changes to many aspects of the baseball experience from limited spectating, mandatory mask wearing, and no dugouts to keep social distance to possible games rules modifications.  While our goal is to run a normal as possible season, we appreciate your patience and understanding in regards to these changes.


You can find our preliminary field rules in the document below.  We are continuing to work with the city and our members to refine these rules.

Spring Registration Now CLOSED for 2021

Central Cambridge Youth Baseball is happy to announce  registration is open for the 2021 Spring Season! Currently, city guidance is targeting April 10th for the start of practices and scrimmages and May 1st for the start of competitive games.  CCYB will continue to follow city guidance and work diligently to provide a safe and fun baseball season for our players and families.

Important Dates:

  • Majors/Minors Practices: Start week of April 10th.  Games May 1 - June 13
  • Farm Sessions:  April 24-June 12

There will be four divisions this spring:

  • Majors:  (10-12 year olds)  [$85]
  • Minors:  (8-10 year olds)  [$85]
  • Farm B: (6-8 year olds) [$50]
  • Farm A:  (5-6 year olds) (In K or 1st grade)  [$50]

Central plays mainly on Lindstrom and Magazine Beach Fields


Eric Toledo